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A musical dream play with no intermission / music and score by Bruce Monroe

Drama / 6W, 2M

Romy Harper has a nervous breakdown upon hearing the news of her mother, Hallie Harper’s suicide. While in the hospital, guided by Hallie’s ghost, Romy takes a journey into the past, where she unwittingly discovers the shadow of a troubling family history extending itself to the present generation of women.



an enchanted musical tale

A One-Act, Comedy/Drama / 4W, 1M It can be presented with the one-act chamber opera, Sunday, as Sunday and the Mermaid.

Eula, lives with her evil Stepmother, Miss Ma and Stepsister, Sister, while her father, a fisherman, is out at sea. Her only solace is drawing on scraps of paper in the sand. Disconsolate, she goes to the ocean and unknowingly calls forth a mermaid Fairy Godmother, who offers life in her undersea world.

Production and Development History: The Yip Harburg Foundation has, generously supported the musical collaboration between bookwriter/lyricist, Alva Rogers and composer, Bruce Monroe. The Jim Henson and the Yip Harburg Foundations have generously supported the Readings of Sunday and Mermaid.

Reading: The Women’s Project (2004) Daniella Topol, Director. Supported by the Jim Henson Foundation.

Workshop: Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference (Toy Theater Workshop / Theater constructed by puppeteer, Heather Henson) (2002)



an enchanted chamber opera

A One-Act, Fantasy Drama for all ages / 1 W, 2 M

Sunday transposes the Japanese tale, The Crane Wife, and tells the story of a Carolina fisherman who saves the life of a crane that becomes entangled in his net. When a mysterious young woman appears at his home offering a magical sail, his life is changed forever.

Production and Development History: The Public Theater (2000) with the support of the Yip Harburg Foundation; Reading: New Work Now! Festival of Readings: The Public Theater (2003) Director, Michael Montel (both readings).